RecipeChef Recipe Manager for iPhone

RecipeChef is a recipe manager for iPhone and iPad



RecipeChef is a recipe manager for iPhone and iPad. It's a great way to organize your recipes.

RecipeChef Recipe Manager for iPhone


  • Add your own recipes and photos
  • Add ingredients to your shopping list
  • Plan your meals for the week
  • Search your recipes by ingredients, prep time, calories, and more
  • Sync your recipes and shopping list across multiple iPhones and iPads
  • And a lot more!
Download RecipeChef

Store all your recipes in one place

With RecipeChef, all your recipes are stored in one place, easy to search and always available wherever you go!

RecipeChef Recipe Manager for iPhone

Add your favorite recipes

RecipeChef is your own cookbook. It's easy to add your own recipes and photos.


You can also import recipes from some websites, YouTube, and TikTok. After importing recipes, you can add notes, add ingredients to your shopping list, add recipes to your meal planner, and more.


If your recipes are currently stored in the Notes app, you may be able to import them directly into RecipeChef (see Help & FAQ).

RecipeChef Recipes for iPhone

Shopping list

Add ingredients to your shopping list

It's easy to add recipes to your shopping list. Open a recipe, adjust the quantities (for example 2 people), and add the ingredients to your shopping list.

Add other items

You can also add other items (toothpaste, shampoo, and so on). Open the shopping list, tap +, and start typing the name of an item. As you type, RecipeChef automatically shows you some suggestions. RecipeChef contains over 1,500 items!

Automatically sorted by category

Your shopping list is automatically sorted by category (vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, condiments, and so on) to help you save time when shopping.

Rearrange your shopping list

You can rearrange the categories to put them in the same order as the aisles of your grocery store. For example, you can display the fruit and vegetables at the beginning of your shopping list or at the end, depending on your grocery store. This way, your shopping list will always be displayed in the correct order.

RecipeChef Recipe Manager for iPhoneRecipeChef Recipes for iPhoneRecipeChef Grocery List for iPhone
RecipeChef Recipe Organizer for iPhone

Meal planner

Plan your meals in advance and save time

You can pick your recipes for the next few days and add them to the meal planner. Then, you can open the meal planner to display a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.

Easy to use with drag and drop

If you want to move recipes around, you can touch and hold a recipe, drag it, and drop it onto another day. You can also drag recipes to modify the order of the dishes in a meal. It's easy to rearrange recipes.

Add to shopping list

After adding recipes to the meal planner, you can add them to the shopping list. For example, you can select all the recipes for the next few days and add them in one step to your shopping list!

RecipeChef Meal Planner for iPhone

Powerful search features

⏰  Quick Recipes

Are you in a rush? RecipeChef can filter your recipes to find recipes in 15 minutes or less.

🧑‍🍳  Inspire Me

Don't know what to eat today? Tap Inspire Me and RecipeChef will suggest random recipes from your collection.

🥘  Not Recently Cooked

Do you want more variety? RecipeChef can suggest recipes that you haven't made recently. It's a great way to rediscover old recipes.

🍒  Search by Ingredient

Do you fancy a strawberry cake? Do you only have a few ingredients in your fridge? You can use RecipeChef to find recipes with specific ingredients.

🥗  Easy Recipes

Are you looking for easy recipes? RecipeChef can search your recipe collection to find recipes with 5 ingredients or less for example.

🏝 No-Cook Recipes

Is it too hot to cook? RecipeChef can filter your recipe collection to find no-cook recipes. These recipes are perfect for summer. You can make them without an oven, hob or microwave.

🔥  Healthy Recipes

Do you want to eat healthy today? RecipeChef can filter your recipes by calories.

RecipeChef Organize Recipes for iPhone
RecipeChef Recipe Manager for iPad

Your own cookbook

Add your own recipes and photos

RecipeChef is your own cookbook. You can add your own recipes. For each recipe, you can save the list of ingredients, directions, prep time, rating, nutritional information, calories, notes, and you can add up to 10 photos!

Organize your recipes

You can create your own categories to organize your recipe collection (for example, dessert, spicy, barbecue, vegan, Christmas recipes, Olivia's favorite recipes, Ben's favorite recipes, and so on). A recipe can be in multiple categories. For example, a recipe can be in main dish, spicy, and barbecue.


RecipeChef supports Markdown. You can put some words in bold or italic when typing recipes.


RecipeChef is very flexible. You can create multiple paragraphs for the ingredients and directions.

Links to other recipes

You can include links to other recipes. For example, you can create a link between a main dish and a side dish, or a dish and a sauce.

Links to websites and YouTube videos

You can include links to websites and YouTube videos in your recipes.

RecipeChef Cookbook app for iPhone
RecipeChef Scan Recipes for iPhone

Scan recipes


You can scan recipes from cookbooks, magazines, screenshots, and more.


The scanner supports 25 languages.


It's a great way to save time instead of typing recipes manually.



If the recipe contains cooking instructions (e.g. cook for 25 minutes), you can tap this text to start a timer directly from RecipeChef.


You can start multiple timers, open other recipes, and your timers are always visible.


It also supports Live Activities and Dynamic Island for iOS 17 and 16. You can easily keep an eye on the remaining cooking time!

RecipeChef Kitchen Timer
RecipeChef Cooking App

Kitchen assistant

Increase or decrease quantities and ingredients

It's easy to increase or decrease quantities. For example, if the original recipe is a dessert for 6 people and you want to make it for 8 people, it's easy to adjust quantities. Just tap + or -. No more head scratching and no need for a calculator!

Both the ingredients and directions are updated

When you adjust the quantities, both the ingredients and the directions are automatically updated. For example, if the directions mention "Mix 2 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon", and if you decide to double the quantities, the recipe will automatically display "Mix 4 tbsp sugar and 2 tsp cinnamon".

Convert units (cups, oz, grams, ml, and more)

You can convert recipes between metric and imperial units (cups, pounds, ounces, inches, grams, kilograms, milliliters, deciliters, and so on). For example, if you've downloaded a recipe in cups and ounces, you can convert it to ml and grams, or vice-versa. You can also convert oven temperatures to °C or °F.

Cross off ingredients and directions

You can tap ingredients and directions to cross them off as you cook. It's a great way to see which steps are already done.

Print recipes with QR codes

You can print recipes on paper. Printed recipes contain a QR code. You can open the Camera app on your phone and scan this QR code if you want to quickly display the recipe in RecipeChef. It's useful, for example, if you wish to modify the quantities or add the ingredients to your shopping list.

Import recipes from other apps

If you currently use another recipe manager and want to switch to RecipeChef, RecipeChef can import files from CookBook, Crouton, Mela, My Recipe Box, Paprika, Pestle and Recipe Keeper.

Dark Mode

RecipeChef supports Dark Mode. Open the settings in RecipeChef if you want to enable Dark Mode.

RecipeChef Dark Mode for iPhone

iOS Widgets

You can add RecipeChef widgets directly on your iPhone home screen to see your next meal at a glance and to quickly access your recipes.

RecipeChef iOS Widget

It also works offline

No Internet connection? No problem, you can use RecipeChef as usual.

iPhone and iPad

RecipeChef is available for iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 15 or higher. It's a native mobile app, developed using Apple's latest technologies.

RecipeChef Dark Mode for iPhoneRecipeChef iOS Widget

Free Version


You can download RecipeChef for free.


The free version lets you manage 20 recipes.

RecipeChef Pro


If you enjoy the app, you can buy RecipeChef Pro.


  • Save and manage up to 10,000 recipes
    Store all your favorite recipes in RecipeChef.
  • iPhone & iPad Sync
    Your recipes, shopping list, and meal planner are available on all your iPhones and iPads (with iOS 15 or higher).
  • Online Backup
    Create an account to automatically backup your recipes online in case your device is lost or stolen. Your recipes are safe.
  • Household Account
    If you want to share your recipes with other people in your household, you can create a single account for your household. So everybody will have access to the same recipe collection, shopping list, and meal planner.

Download RecipeChef


Tap the link to download RecipeChef on your iPhone or iPad. Let's take your recipes to the next level!

Tap the link to download RecipeChef. Let's take your recipes to the next level!

Download RecipeChef

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